Selimiye village of Marmaris district of Muğla is one of the most beautiful villages in the Gulf of Hisarönü. Selimiye villagers, whose spring water flows from the fountains and the taps, wooden boats production, beekeeping, olive and almond production, livestock and fishery is done for living. Selimiye, which is covered with almonds, olives, pine and oregano, is also a popular destination for domestic and foreign yachts and blue cruise boats. Selimiye provides the opportunity for the visitors to eat the most natural of every food with its clean air. Surrounded by mountains, this beautiful village also stands out with its calm and pristine sea, reminiscent of a lake view. You can enjoy the most beautiful views of the mountains and the sea at all hours of the day.

Daily Boat Trips

Each day between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm, the Selimiye excursion boats offer one of three different route options. During the trip, the bay of Hisarönü gives the opportunity to see the extraordinary bay and the islands that do not have land transportation. If you take one-day tours in Hisaronu Bay, the first stop is "Kamelya Island". From the Selimiye exit, you can reach Kamelya Island's beach by a 45 minute sea trip which you can see very interesting rock structure on your left. The boats move to another island called "Dişlice". You will definitely think as "I wish I had seen it before," when you see the island looks like teeth. The monument is full of rocks, passing through the middle of the island, a yellow-orange-colored moss species covered with many years have gained a colorful appearance. However, it must be reminded that if the photographer wants to climb high he should wear rubber shoes and be very careful. Daily tours other than Kamelya and Dişlice Island are; "Antique Batık Mevkii", Balıkaşıran, Bencik, İnbükü, Keçibükü, Orhaniye and Kizkumu.

Private Boat Trip

Kekik Boutique Hotel can arrange a private boat trip for guests if requested in advance. 

Trekking & Carian Trail - Bozburun Peninsula Trails Walk

Carian Trail, covering the provinces of Mugla and Aydin is Turkey's longest range (820 km) trekking route. The hiking route, which takes its name from the Carian civilization that lived in this region in ancient times, passes through many villages, pristine bays, hills filled with olive and almond trees, and ancient cities that can only be reached by foot.

Walking Tracks which are close to Selimiye inside Carian Trail:

Selimiye – Bayır Village –Turgut Waterfall: 19,7km
Selimiye – Taşlıca Village: 20,7km
Bayır Köyü – Taşlıca Village: 18,0km
Taşlıca Village – Tola: 18,3km
Tola – Taşlıca Village: 20,3km
Amos – Bayır Village: 15,1km
İçmeler – Amos: 10,3km
Turgut Waterfall – Hisarönü: 18,9km

Horse Safari

A fun and interesting event that can be done nearby is horse safari. Horse safari is about 30 minutes by car to Kekik Boutique Hotel on the Marmaris road. It has a 1,5 hour of track including forest, river and fun trips.

Nearby Villages and Historical Ruins Trips

More information about Selimiye and nearby villages, ancient ruins and other natural beauties of Muğla district can be found in Attractions section. For further information and alternative transportation options you can contact Kekik Boutique Hotel Family.